Clinical Advisory Services


Give us a goal and we?UR(TM)ll guide you on the path to success. We understand what?UR(TM)s happening inside each section of our industry and will use that knowledge to help you get your program where it needs to be. With an ever-expanding library of hundreds of PA criteria and thousands of DUR criteria, our clinically-sound recommendations promote quality and financial stability, letting you focus on operational measures and customer service.


Need an expert by your side? Our clinical team provides comprehensive support for DUR Boards, P&T Committees, and health plans to facilitate smarter decision-making and superior clinical outcomes. Our performance measurement procedures involve collecting and reporting on your program?UR(TM)s clinical activities so you can see what is working and why. Having experts at your side lays the foundation for a solid pharmacy program.

Clinical Content

Our criteria library represents current clinical guidelines, standards of practice, and reinforces appropriate utilization for approved indications.


We use forecasting algorithms to anticipate your resource and expenditure needs and to optimize your program?UR(TM)s development strategy.


Our expertise guides oversight for appropriate therapy, allowing you to establish and maintain responsible pharmacy spend.

Setting Goals

We help identify your fiscal and operations dependencies and ensure necessary separation of duties to drive objectivity and maximize value.

Benefits of our expertise

Having a dedicated team of clinical advisers by your side allows you to keep up with healthcare industry trends, regulation compliance, and relationships within your provider and member community.

What you get:

  • Improved healthcare outcomes through standardized, vetted clinical criteria for both PA and RDUR activities
  • Recaptured resources on your team as we provide administrative and clinical support for pharmaceutical research and data analysis
  • Increased accuracy of program assessments based on industry benchmarking
  • Greater awareness of solutions to solve your program?UR(TM)s challenges
  • Proven clinical knowledgebase from a dedicated staff of pharmacists, nurses, and pharmacy technicians